Monday, July 26, 2010

Things to Do in Calgary When the Weather is Fine

Finding Calgary
Friday, July 23, 2010

View of downtown from SAIT
The Hall Glen helped build @ Stephen Av. Mall

Aurora around Calgary Tower
The transparent floor
What lies beneath
Koko MoN'Kye and the Family 
With a little help from Koko's friends @ Shanghai Classic

One of the things to do in Calgary is to see the downtown, but TD Square and the Devonian Gardens were under renovation. What's left? Some say, go to the Stephen Avenue Mall and the Calgary Tower. So that's what we did. Ardis lent us a pass to the Calgary Tower where we took a long elevator ride up to 525 something-or-other when the doors opened up at the observation deck. That evening we had a Chinese banquet.

Eats Scones and Leaves
Saturday, July 24, 2010

I made two types of scones, sweet and savory. I thought it a brilliant idea, if I say so myself,  to make the savory scones (background) with self-rising flour. They rose a giddy height of two inches. Dad bought crispy skin pork, ribs, and char siu (moo daeng, in Thai). We munched on this throughout the day, and I took a quick walk around the neighborhood with Ardis and AJ to settle the stomach. It was a sad day because we also said goodbye to Hugo, Lorraine, David, and Brian. They went back to Toronto. 

Where's the Salsa?
Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fine weather is a good excuse for a festival. On Sunday there was a Salsa Festival on 10th Avenue and Kensington Road, staid Calgary's Boho center. There was dancing-- salsa dancing, of course-- capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), music by the Beatles, and stalls selling clothing, hats, jewelry, and food. But the salsa was hard to find. Distributed free in 1 oz. cups, we got tiny tastes of salsa in flavors such as onion, mango, tomato, and beans and corn. Calgarians were cheerful about the non-Salsa Festival since it was the first hot day of summer in as many days. Everyone was out wearing skinny clothes and sunblock.

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